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Bloomingly Good Treatments

Will it be a blustery May, or will the Weather shine on us? Whatever the Weather feel your best with a Loved Up Holistic Treatment. New Treatments Coming Soon !!!!

Balinese Massage get that Holiday feeling with 1.5 Hours on the Massage couch, cacooned in coconut oil and a prescriptive blend of exotic Aromatherapy Oils Just for you.

Be kneaded, rolled, rocked and stretched with a Blissful Massage and your own prescriptively blended Aromatherapy Feeling. Experience the Balinese Massage Vibe. £50 for 1.5 Hours available Mobile to you also.

Try our Natural Yoga Face lift Facial Massage, some results from our students Training in it. Photos Courtesy of Samantha Johnson Holistic Therapist on our Facial Massage Training



From May 2023, New Treatment!!! Add a Beautiful Thai Herbal Compress to your Facial for a thermal herbal Cleanse to your Facial. Facial herbal compresses are soaked and heated so that the herbs release their essential oils into the skin. The application of the compress follows the energy channels of the Face to stimulate energy flow and unblock energy flow, whilst prescriptively treating the skin. £50 for 1.5 Hours combined with the Natural Facelift Yoga Facial Massage.

From June 2023. New Treatment!!! Get ready to be Bejewelled, Adorned with My OPI Gel Nail Application! Mobile to you. Get ready for any occasion, holidays or special treat. Add on to any Massage or Facial Treatment. Gel Polish is a revolutionary light-cured formula that lasts at least 14 days. It will not chip, smudge or crack. It has the ease of polish but the strength of Gel. It is dried in minutes either under a lamp and light. The product is dry immediately after service, so there is no risk of smudging/damaging polish. £40 Gel Nails 1 hour.

May 2023, New Treatment!!! Thai Herbal Compress Thermal Massage. A beautiful Heated Soothing Treatment, Enjoy Your regular Aromatherapy or Balinese Massage with the addition of a Presriptive Thai Herbal Compresses. The compresses are soaked and heated so that the herbs release their essential oils into the skin. The application of the moist heat to the muscles is also beneficial. The Compresses are rocked and pressed into the soles of the feet, hands and joints during massage. Following energy lines also to stimulate energy flow and unblock energy flow. Deeply relaxing and soothing. Add to your Massage for £15 + Massage.

Get intouch to Prebook the New Loved Up Treatments from May and June 2023, let me know your feedback, lets chat! at Tel: 07971627914

Love Catherine xx

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