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Mini Mobile Cheviot walker Foot Hug and Rub

A warming 30 Minute Massage with warm oil and Besalt stones. 10 times the effect of regular massage. The heat penetrates deep into the body relieving aches & pains & tight muscles. Detoxifying and improving circulation. Followed by a 30 minute Reflexology Foot Treatment with Hot cloth and essential oils. Give your feet a treat and enjoy this months Mobile special.

Also new service available mobile too, Mobile Massage and Gel Nail Manicure. Book Here:

Enjoy this months recipe kindly shared from a client; Fresh Lemongrass & Fresh Ginger Smoothie.

1 small lemongrass stalks

1 tsp fresh ginger chopped

125 grams natural yoghurt or 160 ml coconut milk

2 as needed pears, cored

1 juice of lime

Honey to Taste

Stick Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

Enjoy Fresh Ginger has many Benefits for Digestion, Immune System, Cordial for the Heart, also Lemongrass is a Digestive aid. Give yourself a Boost!!

See You soon for your Aromatherapy Treatments! Loved Up Aromatherapy! An Earth Hug, Replenishment from the Earth!

Catherine xx

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