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100% Natural Products Handmade with Love in Northumberland

Stock up now with Loved Up Goodness for your own Aromatherapy Time at Home....

Light a magical Auroville Oil Burner every night to create your therapeutic space

Bathe in the Dead Sea in your own home with our magical blend of Sea Witch!

Lite the flame of love with a pilgrimage to Love Massage Candle!

A visit to Ancient Egypt from your Arm Chair? let the troubles of the day float away with our Kyphi Handblended Incense..... 


Natural Ingredients Sourced and 
Handmade with Love

Loved Up products are natural 100%, no synthetics, parabens or artificial additives.
We believe in Love, Fairtrade & Natural.
Dream, Wish, Do it !!! Love it !!!

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